Tofu cubed (chop) salad


Tofu cubed (chop) salad


Mori-Nu Tofu (the firmer it is, the easier it is to cube)

Persian cucumbers

Cherry tomatoes

Hass avocado

Fried shallots or onions

Extra virgin olive oil


Black pepper

Your favorite creamy sesame dressing (Kewpie’s roasted sesame is pictured)



The idea of this quick and easy dish is that it will take barely 5 minutes to make a healthy, beautiful snack, side dish or light meal.


Dice Mori-Nu Silken Tofu and vegetables into ½ inch cubes

Season diced veggies with extra virgin olive oil then salt & pepper lightly

Mix tofu and diced veggies and arrange on plate

If you like, add your choice of dressing (but it’s not necessary) then sprinkle fried onions on top