Morinaga Recipes!

Vegan Russian

By A.Kasakitis

Listen to your liver

Vegan Russian
Vegan White Russian:
  • vodka (about 2 shots)
  • homemade coffee liqueur (about 1.5 shots)
  • Multnomah Almond Soymilk (about 1.5 shots)
Homemade Coffee Liqueuer:
  • 1+cp dark roast coffee (we did our favourite fairtrade blend for French Press)
  • 1/4cp maple syrup
  • 1/8 cp agave
  • 3/4+cp rum
  • splash of vanilla
Let's start with the Homemade Coffee Liqueur. As you well know, many coffee liqueurs have some type of dairy or otherwise non-vegan products in it which is why we've made our own. Super simple to make, you can put all of the ingredients in a large mason jar and shake. We do recommend letting it sit, shaking every so often, for a least a day though to allow time for infusion.

As for the Vegan Russian itself, we figure if you guys are mixing a drink, you likely have a shot glass handy - which should hold just over an ounce. This is why the drink measurements are in shots. We mixed the ingredients by first stirring the coffee liqueur and alcohol together and then slowly adding the Multnomah Almond Soymilk.

If you'd like to up the fat content of your drink, try blending 2 parts Multnomah Almond Soymilk and 1 part coconut cream to use for the third ingredient. (You'll probably want an egg-beater or blender to do it right though.)


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