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The Fun Month

Post by: alison on July 14, 2017.

B_1707_PicnicBenchAboveValtosBeach        As it turns out, besides getting a host of fireworks displays in celebration of America’s Independence on the 4th and some parties for France’s Bastille Day today, July is also National Ice Cream Month, National Recreation Month, and National Picnic Month. How’s that for a lit 31 days?!

It’s getting hot for sure, but July is National Recreation Month for a reason. In fact, outdoor recreational activities like white-water rafting, snorkeling, surfing, spelunking, etc. are all great for beating the heat. B_1707_Beach_volleyballAnd some people, despite the heat, actually prefer hiking, rock climbing, camping, canoeing, and beach sports (out of the water!) during the summer.

Speaking of the beach, we think there’s possibly nothing better than ice cream while walking along the sand. This is perfect as July is also National Ice Cream Month! If you’ve given up dairy, don’t worry, you can still experience this slice of heaven with a serving of Nice Cream, dairy-free ice cream alternatives (that are usually free of lots of other allergens as well). Lucky for us, ‘nice cream’ caught on last year and recipes spread like wildfire over the world wide web meaning we have plenty of practically-anything-free frozen treat How-Tos to choose from! B_1707_Vegan_bananaStrawberry_IceCream_BuzzfeedIf the nice cream recipes seem like a little too much work for the lazy summer you’ve already planned, you can also freeze your own popsicles using the bounty of fresh summer fruits available. ;)

Of course, if you want to do the least amount of work, just wash some grapes, toss some of your other favorite snacks into a bag, get to your favorite ‘chill spot’, and enjoy a picnic! Guess what?! July is also National Picnic Month. We feel that, lately, picnics have been a very underrated entertainment. Why though? They’re way cheaper than any movie theater, bar, or night club and you can carry on conversations with people that don’t consist of “What?” and “I can’t hear you!”. It seems to us that this is the perfect activity for those carefully watching their spending and health. We hope that you all take advantage of whatever time you have to truly enjoy this summer!

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