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Multnomah Falls Debuts at Expo West

Post by: morinaga on March 11, 2016.

Torrance, CA (March 11, 2016) –

Pure as the water that cascades over Oregon’s tallest waterfall, Multnomah Falls is a delicious protein-packed beverage made with wholesome ingredients to embody the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. A perfect blend of organic soymilk and organic almonds, the beverage has been micro homogenized to ensure a delightfully creamy texture. Multnomah Falls is the newest product from Morinaga Nutritional Foods, made with the finest ingredients available, and produced in Oregon.

“We are very conscientious about the origins of our ingredients and the production of our products. Through established partnerships with our growers, we are able to source the finest organic foods to ensure our products maintain the highest quality standards,” says Hiroyuki Imanishi, President & CEO. “Multnomah Falls came out of a need to provide a blend of organic ingredients with a good source of protein that consumers enjoy—soymilk & almond. As with our tofu, this beverage is a great way to increase protein and other essential vitamins and reduce cholesterol intake.”

As the demand for non-dairy beverage options continues to grow, this new blend will give consumers another healthy option. Multnomah Falls is an excellent source of calcium and is rich in vitamins B & D, and provides 8 grams of protein per serving. Multnomah Falls is the perfect addition to smoothies, for pouring over cereal, or just to enjoy on its own. The 32-ounce shelf-stable aseptic packaged beverage will be available in Original and Unsweetened this summer.

The Multnomah Falls Difference:

• USDA Organic • Non-GMO Project Verified • Certified Gluten Free • KSA Certified Kosher • Vegan • Plants cultivated to our proprietary quality standards

About Morinaga Nutritional Foods

In 1985, Morinaga Nutritional Foods Inc. began marketing aseptically packaged tofu in the United States under the Mori-Nu brand name. Morinaga helped to develop a revolutionary new packaging process that seals in all the wholesome nutrition of tofu in an airtight, shelf-stable package. This aseptic packaging protects the contents from the harmful effects of light, air, and microorganisms without preservatives or irradiation. The Institute of Food Technologists voted Morinaga’s packaging "the #1 food science innovation of the last 50 years" because it increases nutrient retention and flavor while ensuring food safety. For recipes, tofu tips, and to purchase products please visit our website Twitter: @MorinagaTofu ###

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