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Healthy Resolutions

Post by: alison on January 17, 2018.

B_1801_food-healthy-vegetables        It is well-known that each year the goal of weight loss is at the top of most Americans’ new year’s resolution lists. If you’ve ever attempted it, you know that this tends to be a daunting task, even when broken into smaller, vaguer pieces like ‘eat healthier’ and ‘exercise more.’ Well, we may not be running or yoga experts over here, but we can definitely point you in the B_1801_resolutionsright direction when it comes to making healthier eating choices.

More people each year have been starting the year as gung-ho vegans thanks to the Veganuary movement. While this may be too far for some, if you’re looking for delicious recipes that are chock-full of tofu, leafy greens, and other healthy foods, it would be silly to rule them out. You will want to keep in mind though that they have curated recipes that are specifically ‘vegan’ and ‘delicious,’ not ‘low-calorie', ‘gluten-free’, etc. This is because one of the main points of Veganuary is to show that you can eat amazing, B_1801_Morinu_tofu_tacohearty food that just so happens to be vegan which means that you’ll have to be cautious of the calories or sugar or whatever you have decided to watch to reach your ultimate goal. Of course, if you’re simply cutting down on meat and increasing your tofu or vegetable consumption, not only does the Morinu site have great offerings, but there are also some fantastic bloggers out there that have dedicated years of their lives to sharing great ideas on very specific diets. In 2018, you are only limited by your time and Googling skills so Get To(fu) It!

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