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A Halloween History (abridged)

Post by: alison on October 25, 2017.

As Halloween is just around the corner we thought that a little history lesson might be in order. The holiday has been gaining in popularity for a long while, but, with so much controversy over what people consider appropriate costumes, there seems to be some love lost. However, Halloween is a huge point of focus in the fall and we know most of you readers are already gearing up for a supernaturally awesome event. Even though we tend to focus on our favorite zombie or vampire themed movies, there is actually quite a bit of history behind this extremely popular October celebration. Let’s take a look into its origins.

The earliest trace of Halloween looks to be the Celtic Festival of the Dead, Samhain, which B_1710_HalloweenCostumestook place the night of October 31st. Samhain, pronounced 'sow-in', means 'Summer's End' and was the Celt's New Year's Eve. Hundreds of years later, when the Catholic church sought to combine these celebrations with All Saints Day (Nov 1st) and All Soul's Day (Nov 2nd), people began dressing up like saints, angels, and devils. Although Halloween never changed from the 31st of October to the first or second of November, it did get its current name, 'All-Hallows Eve' (Halloween), from being the evening before 'All-hallowmas' (All Saints Day). Skip forward another few centuries, focus on the US in the mid to late 1840s, and you have Halloween beginning to take on traditions that we're used to seeing these days, like dressing up to go Trick or Treating. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Halloween had shed most of the superstitious overtones that had created it and evolved into light-hearted festivities for the community.

On that note, if you're looking for something new and fun to do this Halloween, we've found a great list of Halloween Celebrations throughout America that look like they're well worth a trip, even if you don't live nearby. Of course, if you're in LA and looking to be scared, then maybe one of the events below is more up your alley.


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