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How To Celebrate Father's Day? Think Like A Dad

Post by: alison on June 14, 2017.

NL_1706_FathersDay        It’s here again – that day each year that sends kids into a tizzy wondering what thing they could get their dad that shows how they feel about him and the role he plays in their lives, but is also something that he maybe wouldn’t get himself. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the stereotypical American dad style of parenting, but many kids, knowing their dad’s sense of humor (Google 'dad jokes'), feel the need to get gag gifts for Father’s Day; things that may not be as entertaining as they think and certainly not as useful as they could be. B_1706_FathersDay2We know that our post last year covered ideas for thoughtful and appropriate gifts for this special day honoring one of the most influential men in a person’s life, but we really can’t stress enough that the right present, whether you spend money on it or not, can make the whole day.

If you are planning to spend money on your dad and he has requested something within your budget – get him that, plain and simple. He worked hard for his money and knows that you work hard for yours; knowing that those gains were wasted on some frivolous prank item may be more undesirable than the object itself (which we all know will never be worn, used, etc.). B_1706_FathersDay_giftIf you are planning to do something for your dad, the most important thing is to follow through. If you make a coupon booklet full of ‘cleaning the gutter’, ‘fixing the roof tiles’, or ‘rearranging the attic’ make sure you can and will do those things – in this case, it’s not the thought that counts. If you’ll be making a homemade meal for your dad, don’t underestimate the power of a simple burger with fresh toppings. (None of that frozen patty junk though – get your hands dirty and make your own by squishing together some onion chunks and ground beef with a sprinkling of salt and pepper.) Of course, if you’ve got a foodie father or a venerable vegan you may want to try one of these more involved suggestions.

Father’s leave an indelible mark on our lives. There are plenty of ways to show them how we feel, but on Father’s Day try to think like a Dad and give him the most pleasant, uncomplicated day you can muster. And if something goes awry, don’t worry you can always rely on Dad Reflexes.B_1706_FathersDay_kid

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