Tofu Tips

By Akasha Richmond, Health Food Chef to the Stars & Author of The Art of Tofu

"Cutlets" and "Un-chicken Chunks": Freeze Morinaga Silken Lite Tofu (or original Extra Firm Tofu) for at least 48 hours to get a texture similar to that of a light fish filet. Freeze it for several days for a chicken-like texture. Now you can grill, bake, and even barbecue Morinaga Silken Tofu.

Freezing Directions: For best results, slices and cubes should be at least 1/4 inch thick. The longer you freeze the tofu, the better the results are likely to be. Slice or cube Morinaga Silken Lite Tofu (or original Extra Firm Tofu); wrap each slice in plastic and freeze for at least 48 hours.

Thaw 1) in the microwave, high for 2-3 minutes OR at 40 percent power for about 4 minutes 2) at room temperature for one hour, or 3) overnight in the refrigerator. Drain and pat dry.

Blending: One package Morinaga Silken Tofu makes 1-1/2 cups of puréed tofu. Purée or blend tofu in a food processor or blender. Use for salad dressings, sauces, and soups.

Baking: When recipe calls for yogurt, sour cream, or eggs*, use puréed tofu. When recipes call for buttermilk, soymilk, or dairy milk, use the "Mori-Nu Baking Blend" (below) instead of straight puréed tofu for best results. To replace liquid ingredients, use same amount of puréed tofu or "Baking Blend."

*5 Tbsp. of puréed tofu equal one egg

Mori-Nu Baking Blend
1  package Morinaga Silken Extra Firm Tofu
1  cup water
2  Tbsp. lemon juice or  white vinegar
Blend well. Refrigerate in a covered container. Keeps for one week. (1 cup baking blend is equal to 1 cup of liquid ingredients.)

More Ways To Use Tofu: Use puréed Morinaga Silken Firm Tofu to replace some liquid, egg, or dairy ingredients.
- In homemade or packaged biscuit dough
- Puréed with vegetables or fruits for baby food
- Like buttermilk (use "Baking Blend") for muffin, pancake, or waffle batters.Use instead of:

  • eggs or milk in bread dough
  • eggs in cookie dough
  • yogurt in fruit shakes or smoothies
  • milk in packaged pudding mixes
  • cream in puréed soups
  • stock in gravy
  • cream in sauces
  • oil or sour cream in salad dressings
  • egg yolks in soufflés
  • mayonnaise or sour cream in dips and spreads
  • milk in mashed potatoes

Mash Morinaga Silken Extra Firm Tofu and use to make:

  • dairy-free ravioli filling
  • dairy-free blintz filling
  • tofu egg salad
  • scrambled "tofu" eggs
  • sandwich spreads for kids' lunches

Or use to replace:

  • eggs in quiche
  • ricotta cheese in lasagna
  • cottage cheese in casseroles
  • ground meat in stuffings
  • feta cheese and eggs in spinach pie
  • beans in hummus

If you freeze and thaw cubes of Morinaga Silken Extra Firm Tofu, use instead of:

  • Beef in stews
  • Lamb in curries
  • Chicken in Thai curry
  • Shrimp in stir fry dishes
  • Chicken in Chinese chicken salad
  • Seafood in pasta dishes
  • Pork in fried rice
  • Beef in tacos, burritos, or enchiladas
  • Ground meat in stuffed peppers
  • Beef in stroganoff
  • Chicken in gumbo
  • Ground turkey or beef in chili
  • Lobster in Newberg