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Make Your Own Tofu Kit: silken tofu version

Make Your Own Tofu Kit: silken tofu version
  • MYOtofu Kit: soymilk
  • MYOtofu Kit: Nigari packet
First, pour water into the shallow pot and turn the heat on low-medium. (If you have a food thermometer you want the temperature to be between 175 & 195 degrees Fahrenheit. If not, you can tell it’s ready when the water begins to simmer.)

Next, open the soymilk, pour it into a mixing bowl, add the nigari and stir gently.

Immediately pour the mixture into the ramekins and place them into the soon-to-be simmering water.

Wait for 5-15 minutes for the tofu to become firm. If in doubt, leave them in a little longer and remember that if you’re making the single serving version it’ll take around double the time depending on the bowl.

If you can handle the heat, you can eat these immediately or you can stick them in the fridge to speed up the cooling process.  They taste great both ways, but cooling down is what helps the tofu reach its proper firmness.

Eat your tofu plain or with your favorite topping.
Serving Suggestions:
We've found that using a shallow pot & several ramekins works best for us (plus you get perfectly sized individual servings), but you can also use a stove-top safe bowl and just make one big serving.
It’s best if the soymilk and nigari are cold so be sure to get out the dishes you need before taking the tofu ingredients out of the fridge.  The reason being because if they’re too warm, they won’t firm up properly even after heating them in the water bath.

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