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Make Your Own Tofu Kit: momen tofu version

Make Your Own Tofu Kit: momen tofu version
  • MYOtofu Kit: soymilk
  • MYOtofu Kit: Nigari packet
  • MYOtofu Kit: Tofu Maker Kit (momen tofu press)
Open the soymilk, pour it into the pot, and heat it on medium-low.

Right before the soymilk begins to get a skin, turn off the heat, and stir in the nigari. It’s important to thoroughly mix it in within 3 seconds.

Let it sit for 5 minutes before cutting (half stirring) it with a spoon. Then pour it into the cheesecloth placed in the Tofu Maker Kit, fold the rest of the cheesecloth over the tofu mix, place the tofu kit top on, and press gently.

Leave a heavy object (a full water bottle, etc.) on top for at least another 5 minutes, but up to 2hrs, to get the water out and firm up the tofu.

While it’s being pressed, prepare a cold water bath in a large bowl. This makes it easier to unwrap the tofu without it breaking.

After the wait, take off the press top, empty the cheesecloth wrapped tofu into the water bowl, and gently unwrap it.

Fish it out and eat your tofu plain or with your favorite topping.
It’s best if the soymilk and nigari are cold so be sure to get out the dishes you need before taking the tofu ingredients out of the fridge.  The reason being because if they’re too warm, they won’t firm up properly even after heating.

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