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  • Tofu Hacks for the Fall Season!

    If you’ve been following along, then you know a thing or two about unusual applications for tofu. From dairy substitutes to protein diets, we have zeroed in on fabulous new ways to use our favorite ingredient. Enjoy our ideas for summery tofu hacks here!

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  • There's Nothing Like a Labor Day Pie Recipe

    One last delicious piece of pie for summer! One last delicious piece of pie for summer!

    Where has the time gone?

    It feels like school just let out, and suddenly we are staring down the end of summer. Is it just us, or could you use a 6-month-long summer as well? Continue reading

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  • Come Over to the Sweet Side of Tofu

    Did you know...

    Tofu has a sweet and silky side? Most people hear tofu and think savory foods, but that just isn’t the case. Tofu has been celebrated as a dessert for centuries, and with the dawn of the “food blog” it is enjoying a renaissance here in the states. We have never seen so many decadent tofu based desserts. From our oh-so-rich chocolate dream pie to our chilled & creamy chocolate pudding, the time for getting sweet on tofu is NOW!

    coconut, tofu, pudding A decadent use of coconut and tofu!

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  • 4th of July Eats - The Top Five


    Nothing says summer like Independence Day. This year we plan on enjoying plenty of ice-cold watermelon, savory grilled veggies and healthy sweet treats before settling in with friends and family for a firework extravaganza! We’ve rounded up our Top Five summer treats to inspire your celebrations. Enjoy our 4th of July Eats!


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  • Probiotics – A Key To Healthy Living

    Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system... (Definition WebMD)

    By now most of you have heard of or know what probiotics are. Understanding how these small

    bifidobacterium, probiotics, morinaga, microflora Morinaga's Flagship strain with 40+ years of research!

    microbes can have a positive effect on the digestive system will help promote good intestinal health. It is crucial to ensure that you consume probiotics in the most effective way. With so many products out now promoting probiotic health we’d like to take a moment and break down the different ways you can incorporate the right bacteria into your diet. Continue reading

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  • A Quick Interview with Chef Jude

    JkU7MBDhCWyEuqDaOikwLJ4Su0EdqMm-8WSYSOZLr2Q,10fy-G6v_RQ72L0zvgZX69XVajIUaseQQ_k2uhu4kS4 Jude Parra-Sickels, Executive Chef at POT


    We had a quick interview with Jude Parra-Sickels, the Executive Chef at POT and he was able to give us some insights into what it takes to be in the restaurant industry.

    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    What He Does:  Executive Chef at POT in the LINE Hotel Continue reading

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  • Top 5 Lazy Day Summer Recipes

    School is out and we are ready to enjoy this warm summer weather! It's time to ditch the work shoes, slip on some flip flops and reconnect with your favorite sunshine hobbies. The days are more active and your schedule fills up before you know it. We’ve rounded out our top 5 summer recipes for the lazy days of vacation…Enjoy! Continue reading

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  • A Quick Interview with La Fuji Mama!

    Rachael Hutchings Rachael Hutchings, author of La Fuji Mama

    We got the opportunity to have a quick interview La Fuji Mama, A blogger who is looking to bring a wide variety of world flavors to the table.  Rachael Hutchings, author of La Fuji Mama, has eaten her way around the world, having lived in a variety of fun food locations, including Paris, Tokyo, Yokohama, Memphis, and Los Angeles.

    Location: Lehi, Utah
    What She Does:  Japanese cuisine advocate

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  • Tofu and Flavor Tofu and Flavor

    Tofu and Flavor

    Ask ten people how tofu tastes and you will receive ten different answers. Is it nutty? Creamy? Just like chicken? The answer is all of the above. Tofu, which comes in many forms, can have a variety of flavors. It is a widely accepted belief that tofu will adopt the flavor of whatever it is being cooked with. Brown sugar, mushrooms, jalapenos, you name it! The flavor YOU want can be infused with the tofu during the cooking process. Just think of the possibilities! Spicy tofu, salty tofu, mu-shoo tofu, chocolate tofu!

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  • 10 Must-Have Chocolate Desserts for V-Day 10 Must-Have Chocolate Desserts for V-Day

    10 Must-Have Chocolate Desserts for V-Day

    We have searched the Internet to find the best chocolate desserts for V-Day. These guilt-free treats are guaranteed to delight and satisfy! Enjoy…

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