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  • Sweet Side of Tofu – Holiday Treats


    Holiday Treats...

    are one of the best parts of the winter months. Festive celebrations, office parties and friendly gatherings have us eating (and drinking) more than our fair share this time of year. Unfortunately, holiday treats and booze have become an inescapable part of the season. However, there are ways to trim back, clean up and cut calories (or try a "chocolaty" vegan spin). Low sugar, tofu-based desserts are one of the season’s best-kept secrets. Come holiday time, tofu is our secret weapon in the desserts department. It makes for high protein, low fat and low sugar treats the whole family can enjoy.

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  • Eating Smart Through the Holidays

    Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    The month of Thanksgiving is here...

    and with it we kick off the holiday season. Shorter days, holiday vacations and football games are just a few excuses to gather with loved ones this time of year. Cold weather begs for warm and comforting dishes, and we’re all happy to enjoy a home-cooked meal in lieu of braving the cold winter weather round dinnertime.
    But be aware, as it is easy to pack on the pounds this time of year. If you’re anything like us, your appetites surely grow as the weather cools down. These are the months we have playfully dubbed, “pie season” for their endless goodies and rich celebratory fare.

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  • The Sweet Side of Tofu – Thanksgiving Treats

    It is an exciting time...

    to be thinking about sweets. Yes, Thanksgiving is coming, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your chops in the pastry department. But, there’s so much inspiration out there for healthy desserts these days. They make luscious cakes without egg or gluten now. You can find decadent sweets without any sugar, tarts without flour and custards without dairy! What will they think of next?


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  • Seasonal Sweet, Enjoying October Fruits!


    Ah what joy October brings.

    Crisp apples, nutty squash, spiced persimmon and earthy figs abound. The cranberries are fresh and tart while pomegranates stain our clothes. Sweet sliced pear is everywhere and fresh grapes drape our every plate.

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  • Easy Tofu Skillet with The Vegetarian Mama

    Morinaga Easy Tofu Skillet Header

    School is back in session and after school activities are ramping up. Busy schedules are in full swing. But what about dinner on those hectic nights? We all have to eat, right? Somehow dinner gets neglected. Even with crunched time frames, you can make dinner happen. You need to plan a little and pick recipes that are simple to make. My family eats tofu at least once a week. We love to play with the flavor of tofu and how it blends with other foods. One of our favorite meals are zoodles. Have you heard of zoodles before? It is zucchini that has been spiralized. It is a great way to get more vegetables into your diet, a great alternative to pasta and they are fun to eat. You can make zoodles by using a hand held spiralizer or a hand crank machine. Both items are inexpensive to purchase. Many grocery stores are now offering ready-to-go zoodles in the produce section. Keep your eye out for those!

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  • Building a Cookbook Collection

    In a sea of online recipes...

    the tattered old pages of a cookbook can seem obsolete. Why scour through piles of paper when you can click and comment at the speed of light? While online recipes are becoming the norm, cookbook sales have never been higher. More people are buying, selling, writing and using cookbooks than ever – so what gives? Is there something magic in the turn of a page that just can’t be found online? We’d like to think so.

    Ingredients An open cookbook can be easier to handle when assembling your ingredients.


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  • Tofu Hacks for the Fall Season!

    If you’ve been following along, then you know a thing or two about unusual applications for tofu. From dairy substitutes to protein diets, we have zeroed in on fabulous new ways to use our favorite ingredient. Enjoy our ideas for summery tofu hacks here!

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  • There's Nothing Like a Labor Day Pie Recipe

    One last delicious piece of pie for summer! One last delicious piece of pie for summer!

    Where has the time gone?

    It feels like school just let out, and suddenly we are staring down the end of summer. Is it just us, or could you use a 6-month-long summer as well? Continue reading

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  • Come Over to the Sweet Side of Tofu

    Did you know...

    Tofu has a sweet and silky side? Most people hear tofu and think savory foods, but that just isn’t the case. Tofu has been celebrated as a dessert for centuries, and with the dawn of the “food blog” it is enjoying a renaissance here in the states. We have never seen so many decadent tofu based desserts. From our oh-so-rich chocolate dream pie to our chilled & creamy chocolate pudding, the time for getting sweet on tofu is NOW!

    coconut, tofu, pudding A decadent use of coconut and tofu!

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  • 4th of July Eats - The Top Five


    Nothing says summer like Independence Day. This year we plan on enjoying plenty of ice-cold watermelon, savory grilled veggies and healthy sweet treats before settling in with friends and family for a firework extravaganza! We’ve rounded up our Top Five summer treats to inspire your celebrations. Enjoy our 4th of July Eats!


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