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Back to School!

The summer seems to be speeding by in a flash! August is here and it's time for back to school. Somewhere in between choosing classes, picking study groups and planning the perfect back to school outfit, is the important job of creating the school time boxed lunch. In this modern-day health conscious world, where do we begin?

When it comes to creating a positive routine with your kids, healthy eating is up there with strong studying after school and brushing your teeth before bed. Studies show that children with healthy, consistent diets stay focused throughout the day and score better grades. Keeping your child well fed at school is a job that extends far beyond the lunch table and the cafeteria lines these days.

It’s always a good idea to provide mid-morning and daytime snacks in addition to the standard balanced lunch. We recommend trail mix, sliced fruits and veggies, tofu and lots of water. Try swapping zip-locks and brown bags for glass or metal Tupperware and reusable lunchboxes this year. If you need to keep things cold, you can wrap an ice pack in a tea towel to absorb condensation. Try veggie spring rolls for a fresh and healthy boxed lunch treat. It beats the old peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Sending your kids off to school with healthy and balanced choices should be a joy all year long. With a bit of planning ahead and collaboration with your children, you can utilize leftovers and bulk food products to create delicious and healthful options that won’t break the bank. One great thing you can do with your kids is to make Tofu House Chocolate Chip Cookies. Try this simple recipe and have a fun delicious project to do with your children. Let us know how bake night goes! We always love to hear from you. Happy cooking!

Tofu House Chocolate Chip Cookies

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