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Beauty Secrets with Tofu

Did you know that tofu can make you more beautiful? That’s right! All of those B vitamins, isoflavones and antioxidants in tofu will do more than just keep you healthy and strong on the inside. Tofu has been a secret anti-aging weapon in Asia for centuries, and now the secret is out all over the world.

If you want to have stronger and healthier looking hair, then you should try introducing tofu into your diet. By adding healthy plant-based proteins you allow your body to create more keratin – that special protein that makes up your head of hair. Calcium and B vitamins in tofu are known to soothe nerves and fight stress, which can be a huge factor in hair loss for men and women.

Eating a small amount of tofu each week can improve elasticity in skin, tighten facial muscles, smooth pores, and give skin a polished and healthy looking glow. Just like hair, skin needs protein to regenerate, and a healthy plant-based protein such as tofu works well in creating a smooth and healthy looking complexion.

If you like what you see, but still want more, you can use silken tofu to create your own hair and skin mask. Simply mix with a bit of organic yogurt, fresh honey or avocado for a delicious anti-aging facial mask. Saponins in tofu act as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin-cells, while plant-proteins renew and regenerate skin. This mask will moisturize, even skin tone and promote elasticity in the face. Now go out there and beautify!

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