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Green Tea: A Healthy Way to Stay Cool this Month

If you enjoy green tea while it’s hot, you will absolutely love it when cold! July feels like the hottest month of the year with record heat waves, soaring electricity bills and long hot workdays that seem to never end. While we love the sweet summer BBQs of July, the working days can drag on forever in the heat leaving us drained and exhausted by day’s end. If you have been looking for a healthy and refreshing alternative to get you through the day, look no more. If you want to pack some extra protein in your green drink, throw in 3oz of silken tofu, and get ready to have an awesome day! Green tea will be your one stop shop!

Whether you drink a true green tea or a toasted one, the traditional Japanese Matcha or the Korean variation mixed with barley and brown rice, you are doing something good for your body every time you sip. Studies show that regular green tea drinkers have a lower risk of developing heart disease as well as certain types of cancer. It is also a proven weight loss tool! Much like tofu, green tea is rich in flavonoids – those healthful phytochemicals that bring our bodies so many benefits. While flavonoids are present in most plant products, they are prevalent in green tea, and hold anti-oxidative and ant carcinogenic functions. Are you thirsty yet?

If you remember the old adage, If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, then you might start brewing a cup right this second. Green tea consumption dates back 4,000 years! It has been used as a beverage as well as a medicine across Asia for centuries. Green tea was and still is believed to assist with so many health issues from regulating blood sugar and body temperature to promoting digestion. If there ever were a magic bullet, green tea just might be it. And the best part is, you can enjoy it hot and cold! If you are looking for a way to stay alert, stay healthy and stay cool this summer, try pouring that green tea over ice or making a cold brew in the fridge. We promise that it will revitalize and refresh through this hot summer and fall months! Next time we enjoy a cold glass of green-tea we will toast to you and your health! Bottoms up!

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