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Recipe: Pan-Fried Tofu

A complaint we sometimes hear about Morinaga Silken Tofu is “It’s so soft! I can’t stir-fry with it, it falls right apart!”

It’s true all Morinaga tofu is silken tofu, which is especially soft and delicate and more likely to crumble than its pressed counterpart. However, don’t think for one minute that silken tofu is off-limits for your stir-fry! All it takes is a little know-how.

One way to make silken tofu suitable for stir-fry is pressing and pan-frying. In addition to deep-frying, silken tofu can be pan-fried in a small amount of oil to create a beautiful golden crust. This crust creates a lovely complementary texture to the soft silken tofu within—and it also makes silken tofu sturdier! Pan-fried silken tofu can be gently tossed in stir-fries and salads without crumbling.

There are countless variations to pan-fried tofu that can include seasonings, spices, or cornstarch for an especially crispy crust, but this basic technique is a surefire place to start:

Pan-Fried Silken Tofu

1) Start with Morinaga Firm, Extra Firm, or Nigari tofu. Remove the tofu from the box and drain the excess water.

2) Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and place something flat and heavy on top. For example, a cutting board with a jar of peanut butter sitting on top. Let the tofu sit under the weight for about 15 minutes.

3 extra packages of tofu will do it, too!

3) After 15 minutes, remove the tofu from the plate, unwrap, and slice into bite-sized pieces. Thin, flat triangles are a good shape because it is only necessary to flip them over once.

4) Heat 1-2 tbsp of vegetable oil in a skillet. Arrange all of the tofu on in the skillet so one of the largest surfaces is face-down in the oil.

5) Cook for 3-5 minutes, using a flat spatula to check the underside of the tofu periodically. When tofu is golden-brown on the bottom, gently flip over and cook on the other side until it is also golden-brown. If you like, keep flipping until every face of each piece of tofu is golden-brown.

6) Drain on a paper towel, then add to anything you like: salad, stir-fry, stew, on its own drizzled in sauce . . . it’s up to you!

Even carnivores can’t resist!

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