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  • Fermented Foods

    If your a fan or foods with a delightful mix of sweet, savory and sour...

    then you probably already have a fondness for fermented foods. Fermentation is pretty popularkimchi, fermented food, tofu, dubu these days, and it seems to be bubbling up everywhere from grocery stores to mainstream magazines. But what is this movement really all about? What exactly are fermented foods and why is everyone so crazy about them these days?


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  • Find Out About Celiac Disease Awareness

    Even though Celiac Disease Awareness month is a month away...

    we thought we would start the discussion a month early to help bring attention to the topic. Whether you have the disease or not, it is always a healthy choice to stop and think about what you are putting into your Celiac Awareness Month Logobody. After-all, An estimated 3 million people in the United States have celiac disease.



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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!


    you all survived the rude awakening of setting your clocks an hour ahead last Sunday for daylight savings. But fear not, a much more entertaining day has arrived; and as most of us are aware, March 17th, is St. Patrick's Day (Or Lá Fhéile Pádraig in Gaelic).

    Ireland, Emerald Isle The Emerald Isle

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  • The Year Marches On! What's Next?

    So far 2016 is moving along at a brisk pace.

    Hopefully there are those of you still holding on to your New Year's resolutions. And although we try our best, many of us will forget to spring forward our clocks one hour when Daylight Savings starts March 13th. Unless of course you are in Arizona, Hawaii, or a few other places that don't bother with the time change (You lucky ducks).

    Daylight Savings, March, Spring Forward Time waits for no man.
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  • A Diet For Health: Diabetes Information

    Did you know that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes...

    and that 1 in 4 doesn’t know? While those are sobering numbers, the good news is that Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented. Through healthy diet, exercise and plenty of self-love, you can actually help protect yourself from the disease. Here are our quick tips for helping diabetes prevention.

    exercise, workout Staying active can help combat health issues.
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  • Lunar New Year and World Celebrations

    Although it may seem that New Years has come and gone...

    the Lunar New Year is just around the corner (February 8th to be exact). The annual celebration that highlights the cycles of the moon is a time when many people stop their day to day life and make a long journey home to visit loved one and remember their ancestors.







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  • Get to Know Your Farmers and Their Crops

    You know we love the farm to table lifestyle.

    We believe that shopping local & organic helps your body, your economy, as well as the planet. Farmers markets provide a wonderful resource to save money, eat well, and mingle with growers in your area. If you haven’t checked out your own farmers market, get over there ASAP! Now what about those controversial soybeans? Soybeans are not something we see regularly here in Southern California because they are grown back in Ohio & Nebraska. That doesn’t mean we haven’t spent some time getting to know our Organic soybean farmers and celebrating their work in the fight against GMOs.


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  • Let's make 2016 the Best Year Ever!

    Happy 2016 folks!

    2016 just waiting for the best you that you can be! Perhaps this is the year that you write the great American novel, or learn that 3rd language? Maybe you'll make sure save a little extra money or trim a few pounds off of your waistline. No matter what it is, planning and resources can help you realize your dreams.

    Stargazer Where will 2016 take you?
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  • A Quick Interview with Chef Ming Tsai

    We had a quick interview with Chef Ming Tsai....

    Ming Tsai Chef Ming Tsai

    the owner of Blue Dragon and Blue Ginger, and popular host of PBS-TV's Simply Ming. He chatted with us about his favorite foods, what it takes to have a successful restaurant and important causes that he supports.

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  • Sweet Side of Tofu – Holiday Treats


    Holiday Treats...

    are one of the best parts of the winter months. Festive celebrations, office parties and friendly gatherings have us eating (and drinking) more than our fair share this time of year. Unfortunately, holiday treats and booze have become an inescapable part of the season. However, there are ways to trim back, clean up and cut calories (or try a "chocolaty" vegan spin). Low sugar, tofu-based desserts are one of the season’s best-kept secrets. Come holiday time, tofu is our secret weapon in the desserts department. It makes for high protein, low fat and low sugar treats the whole family can enjoy.

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