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  • Do Something Different (Inside) During the Hottest Month of Summer



    For some reason, there always seems to be a sense of urgency to fill your days with worthwhile activities in the summertime. If your weekends don’t have a full schedule, it really feels like you’re Continue reading

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  • Our Favorite Japanese Summer Dishes!

    We are in the heat of summer

    and you can definitely feel it. The air conditioner barely gets a break and we’re pretty sure most people are wishing that their dress code at work allowed sandals and tank tops. Despite the heat (or more likely because of it) our Southern Californian Continue reading

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  • Independence Day!

    We hope everyone had a fantastic yet relaxing Fourth of July

    NL_fireworks_PismoBchCAwith their friends and families! The three day weekend that accompanies our freedom celebrations is one that many look forward to – especially as there is a dearth of holidays in the summer once you’re forced to brave the ‘real world’. There’s nothing like no longer having long, guaranteed vacations from school to make you cherish your infrequent holidays now. Doesn't it almost have you Continue reading

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  • 18th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day


    As most of those who adore man’s best friend (more than their human family at times) know, Take Your Dog to Work Day was last Friday. It’s an easy date to remember not just because it’s the highlight of the work week, but also because Continue reading

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  • What Father’s Day Gifts Dads Really Want for Their One Day a Year



    Of the many holidays each year, Father’s Day is pretty high up there in importance. Easily on par with Mother’s Day in that it celebrates a person who has contributed to our lives in an immutable way and yet it seems as though it always slips under the radar. Dads are forever getting stuck with last minute gifts, which are absolutely no good, right? Continue reading

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  • Fermented Foods

    If you're a fan of foods with a delightful mix of sweet, savory and sour...

    then you probably already have a fondness for fermented foods. Fermentation is pretty popularkimchi, fermented food, tofu, dubu these days, and it seems to be bubbling up everywhere from grocery stores to mainstream magazines. But what is this movement really all about? What exactly are fermented foods and why is everyone so crazy about them these days?


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  • Find Out About Celiac Disease Awareness

    Even though Celiac Disease Awareness month is a month away...

    we thought we would start the discussion a month early to help bring attention to the topic. Whether you have the disease or not, it is always a healthy choice to stop and think about what you are putting into your Celiac Awareness Month Logobody. After-all, An estimated 3 million people in the United States have celiac disease.



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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!


    you all survived the rude awakening of setting your clocks an hour ahead last Sunday for daylight savings. But fear not, a much more entertaining day has arrived; and as most of us are aware, March 17th, is St. Patrick's Day (Or Lá Fhéile Pádraig in Gaelic).

    Ireland, Emerald Isle The Emerald Isle

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  • The Year Marches On! What's Next?

    So far 2016 is moving along at a brisk pace.

    Hopefully there are those of you still holding on to your New Year's resolutions. And although we try our best, many of us will forget to spring forward our clocks one hour when Daylight Savings starts March 13th. Unless of course you are in Arizona, Hawaii, or a few other places that don't bother with the time change (You lucky ducks).

    Daylight Savings, March, Spring Forward Time waits for no man.
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  • A Diet For Health: Diabetes Information

    Did you know that more than 29 million Americans have diabetes...

    and that 1 in 4 doesn’t know? While those are sobering numbers, the good news is that Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented. Through healthy diet, exercise and plenty of self-love, you can actually help protect yourself from the disease. Here are our quick tips for helping diabetes prevention.

    exercise, workout Staying active can help combat health issues.
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